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Converting from 'Word' to media wiki text

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If you need to transfer information from a Word document which is full of hyperlinks and text into the wiki, these steps will help you succeed - FAST.

  1. Open Libre Office Writer (which can be installed on any Microsoft machine, and is compatible with Word)
  2. Copy your paragraph into the Libre Office page, then save it (as an .odt document)
  3. Copy the paragraph you need with all the hyperlinks.
    Export selection of text.jpg
  4. Click the top row tab 'File', choose 'Export', then select both boxes as seen on the right. These are 'Automatic file name extension' and the 'Selection'. Save as a MediaWiki.txt file.
  5. Then open the MediaWiki.txt with a text editor such as Notepad. The MediaWiki text will be seen as the 'source edit' code ready to paste into your wiki page. As below.

Central School [ Workshop report] * Central School [ rap celebrating Pukekura Park] 
* A survey of visitors to Pukekura Park "[ What makes Pukekura Park special?]" 
* [ A map of Pukekura Park and the significant plants.]Parking, entrances, toilets, Park places and paths. 
* [ Notable Trees of New Plymouth], 2002, Cory Smith 
* [ Significant Plants of Pukekura Park], 2018, David Medway, New Plymouth

Which looks like this on the wiki page:

Central School Workshop report * Central School rap celebrating Pukekura Park