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Insert an Image

New Image

If the image has not yet been uploaded, this is really simple. Click on the Insert button and the Media button in the drop-down menu. Either find the image in your home files or search for previously loaded images by name.

insert image visual edit.jpg

If you want a border around an existing image, open 'source editing' in top bar and write the source edit as

[[File:insert image visual edit.jpg|framed|400x400px]]

Add a new image insert image visual edit select file upload.jpg

Existing Images

For images already in the wiki:

  • If you have loaded an image of your own through bulk upload, e.g. a bird, put 'bird' into the media settings box "Search"

insert image search bird 2.jpg

If it is an image in the wiki you want to use

  • In a new tab, go to the File List page
  • 'Search' for your image and click on thumbnail image.
  • This may take a while to load with thousands of images in the library. But the plus is that you can use these high quality images in your page. If using Phil Bendle's images you will see a watermark attribution on the image.
  • At the bottom right there is an icon to "Share or embed this file". Click on that and the wikitext will be provided that can be copied onto a new page such as the image below
[[File:Blackbird female.jpg|thumb|Blackbird female|framed|left|600x600px]]
Blackbird female