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Suggested template for Citizen Science Projects

It would be nice to have a consistent look to the site and be able to compare projects – so that the outcomes from similar projects can easily be seen, and the recommendations easily accessed.

As you write your text, use the editing toolbar to create topic headings in your page. The "Contents" section will then be automatically

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generated for your page. It sees any new headings you create, and adds them to the list of contents. The contents then hyperlink directly down the page, so that the reader can quickly jump to items of interest.

Project Overview

Details about the project


Who has been involved

Gallery of research sites


Gallery of activities



Hyper-links to wherever you have the project details and more information, published activities for students, and resources for teachers.


Hyper-links to publication in DoC or journals or school text books

The Categories showing at the bottom of the page take you quickly to the rest of the category. categories bar.jpg