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This template lists all subpages of a wiki page. The result is displayed as a bulleted list and can be set to 1-3 columns.

The template file (Template:Subpages can be downloaded as part of the template package.

<templatedata> { "params": { "parentnamespace": { "label": "Namespace", "description": "Leave blank for the Main namespace" }, "parentpage": { "label": "Parent page", "description": "The page that is one level above the pages you want to display" }, "cols": { "label": "Column layout", "description": "yes: creates 3 column layou, no: creates no columns", "type": "string", "example": "yes, no", "default": "yes" }, "bullets": { "label": "Bullets", "description": "no: removes bullets from the list", "example": "yes, no", "type": "string", "default": "yes" } }, "description": "The following parameters can be set in visual editing mode:" } </templatedata>