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The following screen-shots show the process for selecting the 'upload wizard' then adding images to your page gallery.Notes are in pink text. Go to the Upload wizard in the left hand pane.

  • Follow the sequence of instructions.
  • Fill in the release-rights and image description.
  • It is advised to leave 'categories' blank, otherwise the category will have to display all of your images.
  • On the final page, "Thanks for Uploading" you can copy the file names displayed and more quickly use the files just loaded.

1 upload wizard.jpg

2 upload wizard 2.jpg

3 Bulk.jpg

4 Bulk.jpg

5 upload wizard 2.jpg

6 Bulk.jpg

7 Bulk.jpg

8 Bulk.jpg

Now go to your project page and add a gallery, or edit one already in place.

If you need a file which is in the system, go to the Special:ListFiles

9 Bulk.jpg

10 Bulk.jpg

11 Bulk.jpg

12 Bulk.jpg

13 Bulk.jpg

14 Bulk.jpg