Drymoanthus adversus (Green Fleshy Tree Orchid))

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Kingdom: Plantae
Subkingdom: Tracheobionta
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Subclass: Liliidae
Order: Asparagales
Family: Orchidaceae
Subfamily: Epidendroideae
Tribe: Vandeae
Subtribe: Sarcanthinae
Genus: Drymoanthus
Species: D adversus
Scientific name: Drymoanthus adversus
Common name: Green Fleshy Tree Orchid

Drymoanthus is a genus that is assigned to four species of orchids, two of them in New Zealand. This orchid is quite common in Te Henui area and they like growing on Magnolia trees. Flowers October - November

The Fleshy Tree Orchid is found throughout New Zealand from coastal to montane. It is epiphytic, rupestral or terrestrial. Mostly on the trunks and branches of shrubs and taller forest trees but also on rocks, cliff faces, banks and fallen, moss-covered logs. It's leaves (40- ) 60(-90) x 15-20(-30) mm, dark green, occasionally purple spotted, fleshy, elliptic, oblong, elliptic-oblong, with obtuse to emarginate, flat or twisted apices. Inflorescences racemose arising from or below the leaves, usually several per season; up to 80 mm long, bearing (1- ) 6(-20) flowers.

Flowers at green or greenish-white, flecked with red, maroon or purple. Sepals and petals subequal, spreading widely but projecting forwards and inwards to form a cup. Dorsal sepal 3.5-4.5 x 1.5-2.0 mm, lateral sepals shorter, petals 2.5-3.5 x 1.5-1.8 mm. Labellum 2.5 x 2.0 mm, projected forwards, immobile, cupular, deeply channelled, mid-lobe evident only as a cucullate apex; lateral lobes forming sides of a clog-shaped structure and each furnished with an internally projecting, partly transverse ridge, distal portion distinctly thickened, fleshy, bearing two prominent upright, flattened calli. Capsule 20 x 6 mm, broadly cylindrical to fusiform, green, usually without spots.
This information is from the New Zealand Plant Conservation Network Web Site.

For more information and other photos of this species visit

http://www.nativeorchids.co.nz/Epiphytic_Orchids.htm The flowers of 

Drymoanthus adversus which are pale green with maroon flecks.

Drymoanthus adversus Green Fleshy Tree Orchid-3.JPG  
Drymoanthus adversus Green Fleshy tree orchid 2.JPG  

Drymoanthus adversus Green Fleshy tree orchid.JPG