Ground spider (Scotophaeus pretiosus)

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Kingdom: Animalia
Tribe: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Family: Gnaphosidae
Genus: Scotophaeus
Species: S. pretiosus
Binomial name: Scotophaeus pretiosus

Scotophaeus pretiosus is a small endemic stealthy ground hunting spider. This very fast spider has a body length of about 8mm, it hunts at night and hides during the day under rocks and leaves. The body of the spider is oval-shaped with a distinctive pattern.

Adult male
Scotophaeus pretiosus.JPG

Male Scotophaeus pretiosus showing enlarged pedipalps.
Scotophaeus pretiosus-004.JPG

Scotophaeus pretiosus-001.JPG

Male in its defensive position.
Scotophaeus pretiosus-003.JPG

Adult female
Notiodrassus spp Family Gnaphosidae -1.JPG

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