Ptychomnion aciculare (Pipe cleaner moss)

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Kingdom: Plantae 
Division: Bryophyta 
Class: Bryopsida 
Subclass: Bryidae 
Superorder: Hypnanae 
Order: Ptychomniales 
Family: Ptychomniaceae 
Genus: Ptychomniella 
Species: Ptychomnion aciculare 
Common name: Pipe cleaner moss.

A very common moss found on damp ground, on leaf litter or rotting logs. It also grows epiphytically on tree trunks in forests. It forms extensive glossy, light green patches. Width: 10 mm Length: 50 mm to 100 mm.

The stalks are the sporangia of Ptychomnion aciculare

Ptychomnium aciculare-1.JPG