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Kingdom:   Plantae
Division:    Bryophytes
Class:        Bryopsida
Ordor:        Pottiales
Family:      Pottiaceae
Genus:       Tortella
Species:     T. flavovirens
Binomial name: Tortella flavovirens
Synonym: Trichostomum flavovirens
Common name: Yellow Crisp-moss 

Tortella flavovirens is a cosmopolitan species of true moss in the family of Pottiaceae. It is common, yellow green, moss that forms low turfs up to 1.5 cm tall. Its leaves are tongue-shaped and  are 2–3 mm long.  Moist plants have slightly wavy leaf margins, whilst dry plants have curled and contorted leaves.
T. flavovirens is found throughout New Zealand. It favours stable calcareous sand dunes. It can also be found growing on soil slopes below cliffs and in crevices in coastal rocks.  

Tortella flavovirens Yellow Crisp-moss 1 .JPG  

Tortella flavovirens Yellow Crisp-moss 2 .JPG