Kingdom:   Plantae

(Unranked):        Angiosperm
(Unranked):        Eudicots
Order:       Proteales
Family:      Proteaceae
Genus:      Alloxylon
Species:     A. flammeum
Binomial name: Alloxylon flammeum
Synonyms: Oreocallis wickhamii, Embothrium wickhamii
Common name: Tree waratah, Queensland tree waratah, Red silky oak

Alloxylon flammeum is a medium-sized native tree occurring naturally in wet to very wet rainforests on the Atherton Tableland in northeastern Australia. It grows to about 8-10m tall and spreads to about 2-4m.
It has shiny dark green elliptical leaves up to 18 cm long and prominent red or orange-red waratah-like inflorescences that appear in spring. The inflorescences are followed by rectangular woody seed pods that ripen in February and March. Its terminal tubular flowers indicate that the species is pollinated by birds.

Photographed at Pukekura Park, New Plymouth.
Alloxylon flammeum-004.JPG

Alloxylon flammeum-001.JPG

Alloxylon flammeum-002.JPG

The underside of  the leaves.
Alloxylon flammeum-003.JPG

The inflorescences. Photo thanks to Wikipedia.
Alloxylon flammeum .jpg

Seed pods Photo thanks to Wikipedia.
File:Alloxylon flammeum .JPG