Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Coleoptera
Superfamily: Elateroidea
Family: Elateridae
Scientific name: Conoderus exsul
Common name: Common Click Beetle

Conoderus exsul is found in New Zealand and Australia. The adult beetle is about 12–13 mm long Its larva is called the Pasture Wireworm and is and is a serious agricultural pest. It is about 17 mm long. Other of species are predators of other insect larvae.  The adults may eat leaves, pollen and nectar.
If a beetle lands on its back, it is able to use a click mechanism between the two parts of the shell to jump up to 30 cm, thus righting itself, making an audible click.

Conoderus exsul Common Click beetle.JPG

Conoderus exsul Common Click beetle-5.JPG

The larva of the common click beetle is called Pasture wireworm. It is 18 mm long `and is widespread in New Zealand. It is found in soil and eats plant roots and grubs in the soil. Infests potato tubers
Conoderus exsul Pasture Wireworm Click Bettle-1.JPG

Conoderus exsul Pasture Wireworm Click Bettle.JPG

Conoderus exsul Pasture Wireworm Click Bettle-5.JPG

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