Kingdom:   Animalia
Phylum      Arthropoda
Class:        Insecta
Order:       Coleoptera
Family:      Cerambycidae
Genus:      Coptomma
Species:    C. variegatum
Scientific name: Coptomma variegatum
Synonyms: Callidium variegatum, Coptomma virgatum.
Common name: Variegated Longhorn, Tawa longhorn,

Coptomma Variegatum is a longhorn native beetle (up to 22 mm long) and is found in forests throughout New Zealand during September to Match on and in various dead trees. Its larvae feed on in dead trees including Beilschmiedia tawa (Tawa), Sophora tetraptera (Kōwhai) and on wattles species.

Variegated Longhorn Tawa longhorn Coptomma variegatum.JPG

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