Kingdom:   Animalia
Phylum:     Arthropoda
Class:        Insecta
Order:       Coleoptera
Family:      Staphylinidae
Genus:      Anotylus
Common name: Rove beetle.

There are more than 1,020 species of rove beetles in the family of Staphylinidae in New Zealand. They are largely terrestrial. They occur in a range of habitats but most are found in forest litter or under tree bark. They have long flexible bodies with elytra (wing covers) that only cover a small part (if any) of the abdomen. They have relatively long, multi-segmented antennae with no enlarged segments at the tip.
Different species may be scavengers some feeding on organic detritus, algae, while some are predators feeding carrion or other insects.

The photo below is a small rove beetle (genus: Anotylus) feeding on a fungus.
Anotylus Genus.JPG 

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