Kingdom:   Animalia
Phylum:     Arthropoda
Class:        Insecta
Order:       Hemiptera
Suborder:   Heteroptera
Infraorder: Pentatomomorpha
Superfamily:       Lygaeoidea
Family:      Lygaeidae
Genus: Nysius
Species: Nysius sp.
Common name: Seed bugs.

All members of Family Lygaeidae (Seed Bugs) are small (most less than 10 mm long), have four-segmented antennae, ocelli (A small simple eye) and wing membranes with four or five parallel veins.
This is another bug rather than a beetle. Beetles have their forewings hardened into shells (elytra) that completely cover their rear wings. Bugs have the triangular or X marking you see above with the exposed wings at the back.
The genus Nysius contains approximately 106 species throughout the world. Like other seed bugs, there are some species of Nysius that are crop pests of wheat and other grains, and vegetables.

Nysius is a difficult genus and many are very difficult to identify without reference to a specimen.

Unidentified.Nysius species.
1-Seed bug Nysius species 1 .jpg

1-Seed bug Nysius species 2 .jpg

Nysius huttoni Wheat bug.JPG

Same as above.
Nysius huttoni Wheat bug-001.JPG
The photos below are of a nymph of the Nysius species.
Seed Bug Family Lygaeidae -001.JPG 

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