Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Family: Theridiidae
Genus: Cryptachaea
Species: C. veruculata
Binomial name: Cryptachaea veruculata
Synonyms: Theridion veruculatum, Theridion nigrofolium, Theridion nigrofolium, Theridion calyciferum, Theridion extrilidum, Achaearanea veruculatum, Achaearanea veruculata Achaearanea extrilidum, Achaearanea extrilidum,
Common names: Diamond comb-footed spider, Cobweb spider

Cryptachaea veruculata is a small spider native to Australia and New Zealand. It has been introduced into Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island, England (Isles of Scilly), Belgium. The females of the species reach a body size of about 4 mm, while the males are small with a body length of less than 2mm. They make small tangled messy webs on buildings and plants. This spiders egg sacs are pinky mauve.
The species has shown to have potential to control spider mites and leafroller caterpillars in New Zealand.

A female Diamond Comb-footed spider 4mm body length.
Diamond comb-footed spider Cryptachaea veruculata.JPG  

Diamond comb-footed spider Cryptachaea veruculata-001.JPG  

Diamond comb-footed spider Cryptachaea veruculata-002.JPG  

Diamond comb-footed spider Cryptachaea veruculata-003.JPG  

Spider in defence position.Diamond comb-footed spider Cryptachaea veruculata-014.JPG  

The three photos below are a small 3 mm male.
Cobweb Spiders Family Theridiidae.JPG

Note the males swollen red pedipalps 
Cobweb Spiders Family Theridiidae-001.JPG

The males underside
Cobweb Spiders Family Theridiidae-002.JPG

Diamond comb-footed spider Cryptachaea veruculata .JPG    

A spider whose markings are not as intense as the spider in the above photos.Diamond comb-footed spider Cryptachaea veruculata -001.JPG     

Diamond comb-footed spider Cryptachaea veruculata -002.JPG 

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