Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Family: Theridiidae
Genus: Theridion
Species: T. zantholabio
Scientific name: Theridion zantholabio
Synonym: Theridion xantholabio

Theridion zantholabio is a small, endemic, New Zealand spider found on the trunks of all the forest tree species. It is also found in private gardens/. This spider (body length >5 mm) can be found in areas throughout New Zealand. It is a very common species in the Southern Alps beech forests.

Theridion zantholabio.JPG

Theridion zantholabio.jpg

Theridion zantholabio 7.jpg

The underside.
Theridion zantholabio 2.jpg

Theridion zantholabio 3.jpeg

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