Cricket (Small Field ) Bobilla sp

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Orthoptera
Superfamily: Grylloidea
Family: Gryllidae
Genus: Bobilla
Species: Bobilla
Common name: Small Field Cricket, Rirerire

This Small Field Cricket is a New Zealand native, one of 5 species known.
This small size cricket what can be seen and heard during the day. It has got an 8 kHz pitched calling sound. 
While both males and females have very similar basic body plans, each has its own distinguishing features.
Females can be identified by the presence of an ovipositor, a spike-like appendage, on the hind end of the abdomen between two cerci. This ovipositor allows the female to bury her fertilized eggs into the ground for protection and development.
Males are distinguished from females by the absence of an ovipositor. At the end of the abdomen, there are simply two cerci. Unlike females, however, males are able to produce sounds or chirps. Thus, males can be identified through sound while females cannot.

Photo below of a male Small Field CricketSmall Field Cricket Bobilla species -1.JPG

Small Field Cricket Bobilla species .JPG

Small field cricket Bobilla spp..JPG

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