Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Bryophyta
Class: Bryopsida
Subclass: Dicranidae
Order: Dicranales
Family: Dicranaceae
Scientific name: Dicranoloma menziesii
Synonyms: Dicranum menziesii, Leucoloma menziesii, Dicranum brachypelma,
Dicranum kaiparense, Dicranum menziesii var. rigidum, Dicranoloma menziesii var. rigidum, Leucoloma menziesii var. rigidum,
Dicranum nudum, Campylopus nudus, Dicranum suberectum, Dicranoloma suberectum, Dicranum trichophyllum Hampe, Dicranoloma trichophyllum, Dicranum kroneanum, Leucoloma kroneanum, Dicranoloma kroneanum, Dicranum bartramioides, Leucoloma bartramioides, Dicranoloma bartramioides, Campylopus bartramioides, Dicranum oedithecium, Leucoloma oedithecium, Dicranoloma oedithecium.

Dicranoloma menziesii is a common epiphytic moss with slender dark leaves that grows on tree trunks in cool temperate rainforests. It is distributed throughout the subantarctic region, being recorded from New Zealand, Chile, Auckland Islands, Norfolk Island, Chatham Islands, Tasmania and Australia.

Moss Dicranoloma menziesii -001.JPG