Orbweb spider (Novaranea queribunda)

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Chelicerata
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Suborder: Araneomorphae
Infraorder: Entelegynae
Superfamily: Araneoidea
Family: Araneidae
Genus: Novaranea
Species name: N. queribunda
Binominal name: Novaranea queribunda
Synonyms: Novaranea laevigata, Novaranea powelli, Novaranea quaesita

Novaranea queribunda is a small distinctively patterned, native, orbweb spider endemic to New Zealand. It is found throughout New Zealand including Stewart Island. It is relatively common and their webs are constructed in undisturbed native grass and tussock areas.
Novaranea queribunda have two prominent frontal eyes behind which there is a hairy section of the cephalothorax. There are an additional six smaller eyes which are hard to see. The front two pair of hairy legs point forward and they have a striped appearance.
This colourful spider’s oval abdomen’s dorsum has a longitudinal greenish patch running down its length. The other parts of the abdomen are variable in colour. Colours include shades of white, black, olive green, yellow and a reddish brown.
This species usually constructs a web early evening and then removes it just before dawn. A silk stabilimenta is usually built above the hub of the web. There is controversy surrounding the function of this structure.

The photos below show the variation of colours found in this species.
1-Novaranea queribunda 2 .jpg 

1-Novaranea queribunda 3 .jpg

1-Novaranea queribunda 1 .jpg

A male Novaranea queribunda.
1-Novaranea queribunda male .jpg 

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