Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda 
Class: Arachnida 
Order: Araneae 
Section: Entelegynae 
Family: Zoropsidae
Species: Uliodon  about 20  New Zealand species
Common name: Vagrant spider, Prowling spider

Vagrant spider is a medium to large ground-dwelling spider with a body length 20 mm.
There are about 20  New Zealand species with only three have been classified and named by scientists. It is forest spider but also found in gardens near bush areas. It lives under logs or stones in the daytime. They are active nocturnal hunter which builds a web as a retreat for use in the daytime and when moulting. The webbing is also used to bind the egg sacs. These spiders feed on ground-dwelling invertebrates. Despite their daytime concealment, they are often captured by the large native spider-hunting wasps. They can run very fast then they will suddenly freeze.
These spiders are capable of delivering a painful bite because they have very large fangs. However, the symptoms of the bite are quite mild and are described as similar to a normal reaction to a bee sting. The bite should be cleaned and watched for signs of infection. There is one recorded case of a person being bitten and he suffered pain, stiff joints and excessive perspiration.

A large vagrant spider.
Large brown vagrant female spider Uliodon species-001.JPG

A large female Vagrant spider climbing up a garden glove.
Vagrant spider Uliodon spp.JPG

Vagrant spiders Genus Uliodon -002.JPG

Male vagrant spider   They have longer legs and a slimmer body.Male Vagrant spider Uliodon spp.JPG

Male head. Note salmon pink palp
Male Vagrant spider Uliodon spp-001.JPG

Head of male vagrant spider with hairy palps 
Head of Vagrant Prowling spider 13.JPG

Female vagrant spider in a freeze position.
Vagrant spiders Genus Uliodon -001.JPG

Head of a female Vagrant spider.
Vagrant spiders Genus Uliodon -003.JPG

1 Vagrant spider Uliodon spp 13 mm body-004.JPG    

1 Vagrant spider Uliodon spp 13 mm body-003.JPG  

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