Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum:  Arthropoda
Subphylum:  Hexapoda
Class:  Insecta  
Subclass:  Pterygota
Order:  Coleoptera
Suborder Polyphaga
Superfamily:  Curculionoidea
Family:  Anthribidae   
Subfamily:  Anthribinae       
Genus:  Sharpius
Species:  S. brouni     
Binominal name: Sharpius brouni

Sharpius brouni is a small 4mm fungus weevil found in New Zealand. As with most anthribids it feeds upon fungi or decaying plant matter, and its larvae feed within dead wood.

Sharpius brouni Fungus Weevils.JPG

Sharpius brouni Fungus Weevils-001.JPG 

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