Kingdom:   Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Orthoptera
Family: Rhaphidophoridae
Subfamily: Macropathinae
Genus: Gymnoplectron
Species: G.acanthocera
Scientific name: Gymnoplectron acanthocera
Common name: Auckland Cave Weta, tokoriko

This weta is endemic to New Zealand and is found in the in the Auckland, Northland and Coromandel area.
It is a large insect with a length of body plus legs and antennae that can be 350 mm.  They emerge at night to feed on fungi, leaves,  plants other insects and animal remains. They can't hear or make any sound but use their long, fine antennae to find their way around. Unlike other weta, cave wetas are not aggressive and will escape danger with giant leaps of 2-3m. Harmless to humans

A Gymnoplectron acanthocera male.Auckland Cave Weta Gymnoplectron acanthocera-001.JPG

Gymnoplectron acanthocera male (left) and a female (right)
Auckland cave weta-002.JPG

Photo showing the size against a headlight.
Auckland cave weta-004.JPG

Auckland cave weta-002.JPG

Photo of a wall with an Auckland cave weta  and Goldmine cave wetas (centre)
Auckland cave and Goldmine cave wetas..JPG

A male weta in an old pump shed at Ngunguru, Whangarei.
Gymnoplectron acanthocera by Wade doak.jpg 

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